Unparallel Media is a company of hard-working, focused, and slightly perfectionistic young professionals. Each member of our creative team has a unique set of experiences and skills, and there is nothing we love more than putting those to work for our clients.

Unparallel Media has had the privilege to partner with some of the best and brightest to interweave stories with rich cinematic experiences.

We’re often asked why we live in New York but choose not to work out of the City. It’s simple, really; we love where we are. Situated at the foot of the Adirondacks, we believe fresh ideas are as prevalent as the fresh air. Plus, we can always be to The Grey Dog by lunch.

We are proud of our work (digital branding, commercials, consulting, feature films, etc...), and throughout it all we stick to a central philosophy that if you’re not impressed, neither are we.

Humbly serving the great and the unknown,

Ben and Josh

Founders of Unparallel Media